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You are not a man of big words. But the outfit: it has to fit. When your shirt and suit fit, you feel good. You can see that. And looks good on you too.
Louis & Urs Wehrle

We are your partner for the perfect appearance. For example with a wedding suit that fits like a glove. And makes statements. This becomes even clearer with a made-to-measure suit . If you want to be flexible: You can also rent a classic suit like a tuxedo from us. Come by, to our branches in St. Gallen or Zurich. Discover our collections in many styles, e.g. Italian luxury or vintage suits .

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A made-to-measure suit belongs to the premier class of clothing for men. Anyone who has ever worn one knows how it feels. It goes without saying. And great. You choose the style, color, cut, fabric, details – we will make your two-piece or multi-piece suit. Of course, we are always there for you throughout the entire process. So that you make a big impression at your wedding, at the important celebration or in everyday (business) life. We think it’s strong that you are stylish and sophisticated on the go.

Your perfect outfit is only 3 steps away.
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Rent suits

The suit for one day? Is there with us. Choose the one that suits you and the planned event from a beautiful variety.

This is included in the tailcoat rental:

We always have all the accessories you need in stock for you.


The timeless classic of elegant men’s fashion.

Preferred occasions are debutants’ balls (Black Tie), the Vienna Opera Ball (White Tie) or tailcoat weeks at universities.

280 CHF

I want to rent a tailcoat

This is included in the cut rental:

We always have all the accessories you need in stock for you.


The cut, in German also Stresemann, is an integral part of the classic wardrobe and is often worn for horse races or upscale occasions.

300 CHF

I want to rent a cut

This is included in the tuxedo rental:

We always have all the accessories you need in stock for you.


Be James Bond for an evening. The tuxedo is available in two different versions.

The classic version with a characteristic shawl lapel and without a back slit as well as a young interpretation in a subtle satin sheen and a fashionable fit.

250 CHF

I want to rent a tuxedo

Your way the perfect outfit

Feel good all around – with the right look that is tailored to your type, the occasion and the season and fits your budget. We at Liluca offer you a large selection combined with lived fashion competence and family commitment. Your perfect outfit is only 3 steps away. Do the first now.

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Liluca customer experiences

«I found a great suit as best man. Honest individual advice. Everything works perfectly. Clearly to be recommended. "

David Morant
Google review

“Since my girlfriend came home from Liluca overjoyed when she bought a wedding dress, I also tried my luck. Thank you very much for the great two hours and the very good advice from Ms. Hautle. I'm very happy with my suit and now I'm even more looking forward to this day. "

David Steinlin
Google review

«Has rarely been given such warm, competent and friendly advice. The employees understand their craft very well. From the first 'hello' to the last 'goodbye' I felt comfortable and perceived and valued as a customer. Would come back anytime and can only warmly recommend it to others. "

Cédric Stalder
Google review