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A special occasion, an effective appearance. To make this happen, we recommend our tried and tested Liluca love program.


Feel like a princess or a prince, appear smart like a business lady, a business man or cut a good figure on the floor. Whatever goal you pursue, at the beginning there is inspiration. With us you will find the dress / suit in which you feel most comfortable, to match your style, the occasion, your budget. We support you in this.


You have found your favorite dress / comfort suit.
Now it’s time to try them on. What is not yet perfect will be made perfect. We shorten, lengthen, narrow, widen, optimize. Only as much as necessary and exactly in such a way that you can enjoy everything 100 percent when you wear it. For an all-round good feeling in your perfect outfit.


Anyone who works with passion and wants to wake them up is well served to be perfectionist. That’s why we check your dress / suit one more time. We do the fine-tuning and the final touches so that everything is right down to the last detail. The look fits. You feel well. The big moment can come.

Our experience packages

Enthusiasm is what you feel when you come to us in the store. Get to know us: We are happy to be there for you spontaneously, if time allows. Would you rather be on the safe side? Then make an appointment for a consultation. This time then belongs exclusively to you. Choose between Classic and VIP

Get to know us: We are happy to be there for you spontaneously, if time allows, and show you our great business.


2 hours
Style is how you appear in a look. With our experts you will find the best that suits you. We offer you a unique selection, style advice, specialist knowledge and passionate family commitment. In this package we focus 100% on you. So that we can do that, we charge CHF 120 for the consultation, which we will of course credit you back if you choose a Liluca dress / suit. Book a consultation now.


As the name suggests, you are the star in our four walls on this day. Enjoy a unique experience with your companions. Our location in St. Gallen or Zurich is yours after the shop closes (7 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.) – you do exclusive look shopping with everything that goes with it; Prosecco, fruits and finger food included. We are only there for you this evening – with an inspiring offer and the highest level of style expertise. So that you don’t find just any look, but the perfect one. We charge 250 francs for the consultation. Book your consultation appointment now.

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