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Family mission
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Liluca is the stuff family history is made of. For more than 40 years we have been the big name in Switzerland when it comes to wedding dresses, party wear and business outfits. We not only have the largest selection of looks – the name Liluca stands for pure passion and outfits that perfectly deserve the title. How do we measure that? In customer relationships that go far beyond the purchase of a single item of clothing. The good feeling remains. We call this: Liluca love.

Louis Wehrle has been with Liluca since 2019: “I’m very happy and proud to be the fourth generation to manage the company. I learned entrepreneurship from my father, who supports me in everyday life. And the uncompromising claim that at Liluca customers find the look that fits perfectly. “

We are pleased to meet you
Louis & Urs Wehrle

With love. To you.

You made your choice. Now we make sure that it becomes your dress , your suit . Our tailors do this with a lot of experience, a lot of love for detail and a lot of empathy for your needs. So that your big day is unforgettable.

All activities are logged. This way you can see exactly what we have made and how long we have tailored. We calculate the adjustments for your perfect dress, your perfect suit at 70 francs per hour.

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